What is CEJBAGS?

tt's not what you thought

In 2015, I had just finished what I thought would be my last Africa visit, and after 9 years of living there, I wasn't sure about the take away. Since 18, I had did nothing but military in Uniform and out and after leaving Iraqi, Africa really was no different in the beginning, but then it kind of grows on you.

I being rather idealistic about a lot of things and willing to take action, had gotten me into trouble in the USAF but as a government contractor gotten me promoted, so it was hard to gauge what success really meant and so I decided to create my own rules. With my first company, I attempted to be the Swiss Army Knife of support services and it actually worked. I was able to project a larger entity capability with a dynamic network of support while maintaining for the first three years a directly labor force of one, mainly me. I connected to and collaborated with everyone who was willing and this led to many of my successes and along the way, I learned a lot.

My name is Christopher E Jones, and many when they see the logo think, hey that's your initials. My initials yes, but what the "C" The "E" and "J" stand for, no! The logo meaning is meant to be fluid as to what it stands for as a acronym. Conscious Eco Jobs Building A Great Society. The idea was to be a lot of different things under the guise of a symbol, one that since the inception has evolved, to now include in its background the world. This addition was added as a the unwritten statement of our overall goal and mission.

CEJBAGS was initially a trademarked brand creation under Global Sprint MS Inc, which before the refocus, was intended to be the new rising star in eco-friendly fashion accessories,but something was missing and that wasn't enough to accomplish or fix all that I had seen, experienced first hand and was now aware of. So after almost two years of dabbling, I erased it all and started over again at the end of 2018, by establishing CEJBAGS Corporation as a standalone entity. What you are seeing now are the first steps and a new stage of development and direction. Some of which is so large in scope, that we have not been able to fit it all into these pages.

Our page will continue to develop and grow into a robust global platform that seeks the cooperation of the global community to connect itself by hands across the world, through green product creation and production, through social media and environmental activism, individual who through their talents lend support communities around the world for mutual growth and economic development.

As we move forward you will see lots of changes and attempts to become a force for good that "Puts the HER in HERO, and the HE in HERO" by giving the world everyday people who are anything but ordinary in their ability step up and make a difference doing what they do as a talent and skill where ever they are around the world.

So welcome to the start of new journey, take our hand and join us! Don't worry, there's more to come and soon you'll meet the team. But for now, thank you for visiting and feel free to roam around.

We're in the ocean of humanity and we're looking for our piece of solid ground, the place where we will build a name for ourselves, our vision, our mission with all of those who join with us.